Location Solutions SDK & APIs for your apps.
Briive provides completely customizable, AI-driven, location SDK and APIs, with guaranteed 90% less battery drain - never compromising on accuracy.
Build accurate & efficient Location apps - Fast
Our SDKs and APIs allow you to track Location, create Geofences and trigger Events, start single/multiple origin and destination Trips.
Always-On Location
Track your users always, preventing system services from disabling Location.
Offline Location Tracking
Track Location even if a user is offline, get the Location updated to the server as soon as the user is back online.
Find Nearby Users
Find other users around a single user or a Location point with a set radius of your choice.
Works on both Android Phones and iPhones
Engage users with location marketing campaigns
Increase traffic and sales in your physical or online stores by sending push notifications upon entry or exit of strategically placed Geofences.
Marketing Campaign
Create a Location enabled marketing campaign by using Geofences and sending push notifications.
Notify upon Entry or Exit Events
Set parameters to trigger notifications upon entry or exit Events.
Enrich notifications with deep links
Add deep links to drive sales or to take users to a particular page in your app.
Driving Safety
Crash prevention with Driver Coaching
The motion sensors on your phone register every time a risk-inducing situation occurs to educate you and lower the possibility of an accident. Be informed if users use their phone while driving, if they are speeding, or driving aggressively.
Driver Safety package by Briive
is constantly tracking: Phone Use, Speeding, Hard Braking , Aggressive Driving
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